Tuesday, September 27 2022


Leah Kaplan

Research Fellow

  • M.A. in Equity and Social Justice in Education at SFSU
  • Passionate about intersectional feminism, equity in education, and holistic health and wellbeing
  • I love world music, swimming in the ocean, and critical social theory

Nina Bamberg

Director of Programs

  • MA in International Education Development with a concentration in Peace and Human Rights Education
  • Passionate about environmental justice and combatting educational inequities
  • Loves traveling, yoga, podcasts, and puzzles

Priten Shah


  • B.A. in Philosophy and M.Ed. in Education Policy from Harvard University
  • Is a serial entrepreneur whose projects aim to change power dynamics in various industries and fields
  • Lives in NYC with his pet bird, Pia

Ndalaku Okolo


  • History and Psychology
  • BLM, Climate Change, LGBTQ+ rights
  • My name, Ndalaku, means born into a wealth of love

Julia Pepper

Nonprofit/Research Intern

  • NYU student studying international relations
  • Passionate about women’s rights, UN reform, and affordable housing
  • Loves to paint, sketch, and visit art galleries in her free time

Katie Morscher


  • Recent graduate of the University at Albany with a major in sociology and a minor in psychology and criminal justice
  • Interested in women’s rights and racial issues
  • Enjoys being active, watching movies, and learning new things