Table of Contents Introduction Colorado’s most recent social studies content standards were developed in 2020 and encompass four subjects: history, geography, economics, and civics. These standards highlight the importance of quality social studies education within an evolving democracy by citing the position statement of the National Council for Social Studies, which clarifies the goal of […]


Table of Contents Introduction California’s Civic standards are embedded within the History and Social Science content standards and follow the C3 framework for project- and inquiry-based learning. The most recent content standards regarding Civics in California are from 2016 and resemble an updated version of those set forth in 2000. California does provide educators with […]


Table of Contents Introduction In Arizona, the most recent civics content standards are from 2018 and interwoven with the History and Social Science standards. The Arizona social studies content standards express the goal to enable each generation to gain an “understanding” of the “knowledge, skills, and dispositions” necessary to “participate fully in civic life.” This […]


Table of Contents Introduction In Arkansas, a civics education strand is integrated into the Social Studies Curriculum Framework, which was last revised in 2014. Civics education is not isolated or emphasized within the social studies standards except for one required semester of a Civics course in high school. Arkansas does follow the C3 College, Career, […]


Table of Contents Introduction Alaska’s content standards for Government and Citizenship were last updated in 2016. These standards include 7 overarching content standards (A-G) that are each broken down into specific learning outcomes. The content standards and learning outcomes for Alaska’s government and citizenship strand are clearly articulated, but no guidelines for implementation are included. […]


Table of Contents Introduction The Massachusetts History and Social Science Curriculum Framework was created in 2018 and based off of previous curriculum frameworks from 1997 and 2003. The 2018 curriculum framework is a comprehensive document that spans from pre-K to high school graduation. To accompany the social studies standards, Massachusetts includes a civics guidance document […]


Table of Contents Introduction The most recent standards for Alabama’s social studies course of study are from 2010 and include civics and government, economics, history, and geography strands united under the theme of Responsible Citizenship. The civics and government strand expresses the goal to enable students to function as “competent citizens committed to the fundamental […]